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The most diverse OEM pump manufacturer in the World


RD Pumps

For use in dispense and vending applications

- Coffee Machines

- Smoothie Machines

- Bag in Box - pumps high viscosity

- wine/cocktail/spirit dispense

D3 | D5 | D14

For use in analysers

- Exhaust Gas

- Landfill Analysers

- Water Analysers i.e ponds, lakes etc.

- Continual Emissions Monitoring

- Fuel Cells

Medical - LD

For use in air beds

- Hospital Matresses

- Air Cell Matresses

- Cuff Inflation

- Physiotheraphy Equipment

LD OEM Pump Linear Diaphragm Medical US USA America Blue Diamond Hospital Metresses Physiotherapy

At BlueDiamond Pumps Inc we believe flexibility is key to the future development of your business; this combined with our unique technology has led to our bespoke OEM pumps. In addition to off the shelf units, we can work with you on a one-to-one basis to develop exclusive pumps for every conceivable application from vending pumps, medical pumps but also to pumps for use in inkjet printing.

We continually invest in our high tech manufacturing facility, whilst our dedicated research and development team consistently strive to offer the most innovative and cost effective solution for your application. Furthermore, every pump is tested before it leaves our factory and our in house facilities are fully accredited to ISO 9001. Thanks to our worldwide distribution network, the most diverse pump manufacturer in the world is now, for the first time, openly available in the United States of America. 

RD OEM Pumps America US USA Blue Diamond Rotary Diaphragm Coffee Smoothie Dispense
D3 D5 D14 Diaphragm OEM Pumps US USA America Blue Diamond
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